Solving Employee Housing Shortage

//Solving Employee Housing Shortage

Solving Employee Housing Shortage

Solving employee housing shortage

Aspen Skiing Company is hoping to alleviate their employee housing shortage by cramming several strangers into tiny homes. They started with four Tiny’s last year with two people in each, kept at rented spaces in a down valley RV park. This year they purchased the entire RV Park to avoid zoning reviews and had Sprouts build 38 tiny homes in just six months. They will attempt to squeeze three strangers into each one.

I toured one of the units and found the interiors to be dark and cramped. Notice the lack of windows on the exterior.

Because of the need for secure personal space for each occupant Sprouts built three lockers, or closets using up a huge portion of the interior space. In addition there are three crazy small bedrooms, a micro living room and a kitchen basically in the hallway.

I imagined coming home on the buss after a hard day loading tourist on the lifts, shedding my outerwear, dropping skies, and trying to cook dinner. My small explosions of clothing and cooking machinations easily filled the entire living and kitchen area. Imagining two more people trying to live in this cramped space was distressing. It would be extremely difficult if they were well acquainted and liked each other but these will be strangers often from other countries.

To counter the tightness of the spaces the Ski Company is attempting to remodel what was the RV Park’s store, laundry, and bath facilities.  This facility will be of critical importance when you have close to 150 people in such close proximity to each other. What I saw was definitely not up to the task.

Luckily, marihuana is legal in Colorado. They’re going to need it.

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