The family who lived on the bus:

//The family who lived on the bus:

The family who lived on the bus:

The family who lived on a bus:

I met a couple with three very young children living in their converted school bus. Being an exhibitor at this Tiny House Jamboree we were allow to take a quick gander at the bus interior. It was just like the YouTube video showed. Master bedroom in the back, four small bunks on either side in front of that. A wood stove (seemed dangerous), basic kitchen. One cute child asked me to by a sticker for three dollars. She flashed her puppy dog eyes and I caved, handed over the money and collected by 10 cent sticker. The child ran the money over to her mom, who, without looking up from her phone, put two dollars into her pocket and gave the kid one dollar. I got the feeling I had just been shaken down by a lady pimping her kids.

Were they really happy?

With fresh eyes I noticed the haunted look about her and the vagabond appearance of the children. The kids were happy tho, for now. Like puppies, anywhere with mom and dad was good.

It’s a life meant only for a certain few. This gypsy lifestyle, full of uncertainty. Where will the next night be? Expenses are as low as can be but making a living on-the-road is very spotty. Roots and family, history and stability is preferred by most but can be illusive for some.

Would living in a “Schoolie” work for you?

At first there’s excited talk of the open road.  But always searching for the next opportunity to get water or dump the toilet wears you out. Meals and food need to be planned meticulously because storage and refrigerator space is at a premium.  You are always concerned with just the basics of life. This is the trade off between the 9 to 5 and freedom.

Consider carefully your temperament as well as your emotional and spiritual needs. Read everything you can on the subject and search out stories of families who have been at it awhile. Go to a Tiny House Jamboree and talk to these folks. Look past the hype and glorification before you take the plunge.

If you do decide to jump into Schoolie life commit yourself a finite time period, like a year, and then review, reconsider, and recommit to another year if it’s working out. Be mindful of your spouse’s emotional state along the way and always pray.

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