Tiny Home Builders

How to determine the right infrastructure for

Designed infrastructure

Propane tanks and Mini-Split on trailer tongue

your tiny home build:

It is often counseled that you need to have a place to put your tiny home before you build.  Finding the right property to serve your intentions, life style choices, and funding can be a daunting task. But zoning and building codes on you property will determine what type of infrastructure you will need to build into your home.

Do you need to live near your aging parents to care for them? Can you place your tiny abode in their yard and connect to their sewer, water, and electric?   You might be seeking an “off-grid” experience depending on solar panels, composting, and recycled rainwater? Do you like city life or county quite?

It could be a costly mistake to build your tiny house with a composting toilet and then find out that the county you want to live in doesn’t allow composting toilets. Retro fitting plumbing is difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Have you looked into the expense and requirements of putting in a septic system?

Are you really the kind of person who can “live off the land?” Do you have the expertise and grit it takes to live like that. Does your spouse? If you are married with a family you must consider your spouses feelings and the welfare of your children above your own desires. Alaska seems like a nice place to me but my wife won’t even watch TV shows about it. We won’t be moving to Alaska or living in a tiny house like this hearty soul.



Coming soon:

Rain water catchment. Filtering for drinking.

Composting attracts bears.

Plumbing, fresh water tank, garden hose will freeze.

Cost of septic system.