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Handling Grey Water

Water used in the laundry, dishwasher, shower, tub, and sinks is considered “grey” water and can be recycled easily. It usually is dumped directly into the septic tank or sewer along with the “black” (toilet) water. But, water from the

Enviormentally friendly uses for grey water.

Diverter valve from www.cleanwatercomponents.com

laundry can be easily and safely used in the garden simply by adding a diverter valve. Only some states allow this type of watering and you do need to use an environmentally safe detergent.  If you are washing diapers, shop rags, or using bleach the water should still be sent to the sewer or septic tank.

Reusing grey water can reduce your water usage, and extend the life of your septic system. There are other systems designed to reuse more of your grey water but these do require more infrastructure, permitting, and a willingness to keep an eye on the process and tinker with it to keep things operating smoothly.

grey water filtering system

Grey water filter system

Filtering Grey Water for reuse:

Here is a grey water filter system called “Auqa2use.”  The Aqua2use grey water diversion system is an advanced, affordable grey water treatment system. Available as gravity filtration or pump assisted unit, this grey water filter is the perfect choice for turning your waste grey water into usable irrigation water.Click here for more information

Here is an installation video of this product:

Here is a YouTube video showing a man installing a grey water tank system in his tiny house.

Note: Many state do not allow grey water reuse so check with your local authorities.  Grey water is either regulated by the plumbing code (building department) or the department of the environment.