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Extra tiny house storage

Hanging door shelving

Forgotten Storage areas in a Tiny Home

Using every inch of tiny house storage is a must. Organized storage areas actually make being home more enjoyable. Having your cleaning supplies organized into one container can make your chores easier. You life will run more smoothly when you know where everything is.


Doors are often blank spaces just screaming for shelving. Here are some simple shelving systems that hang on the door. A hanging shoe organizer can be used for more than just shoes. My wife uses one for her jewelry. Another friend uses on for a spice rack.

Organized closets

Tiny house closet storage

Organized closet Storage.

Organized closets are a must to make the most of tiny house storage. When we

tiny house storage

Clip on metal basket

downsized these storage systems relieved the stress of trying to make everything fit. Organized storage also makes everything easier to find when we need it.

Clip-on metal baskets make use of space just under a shelf. See if this area in your closet is being used.

In-Floor storage

Often forgotten area has the advantage of keeping the weight low which is best for towing. Except for the loft a tiny home has very high ceilings. The floor between the wheel wells can be raised to hide the wheel wells and offer store space. The downside is a step down into the area under the loft.

Slide out shelving

Storage bed

Toe-kick drawers

Storage seating

In loft ceiling

Sliding bathroom cabinet:

Here is a YouTube® video of a lady who built a cabinet on a sliding bracket in her bathroom. It slid into the shower most of the time but when taking a shower she could slide it out over the toilet. Cleverest use of space I’ve ever seen.