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Special care must be given to the tires of your RV or tiny home trailer.

Caring for your tires is an important aspect of tiny living that must not be neglected. I cannot stress enough how important this is.

RV tires usually don’t have a lot of miles on them so the tread does not wear down like a car tire. Instead RV tires get seriously damaged from the burning rays of the sun. This causes side-wall weather cracking. Take a close look. Even the tiniest cracks are a danger sign.

Long periods of inactivity can cause flat spots. Today’s steel-belted radial ply highway tire is a highly engineered

Damaged RV tire.

Hidden steel belts gave way and caused catastrophic blow out of this tire.

component.  The steel belts can sag and lose integrity when sitting in one position and weighted down for long periods. This hidden damage can cause a blow out resulting in the loss of your entire home. The tire shown here is from my RV. I had all my tires inspected at one of the big tire places and we were “good to go” they said. Less than a hundred miles later -boom. The cheapskate in me wants to replace only the blown tire but I have learned better -they all need to be replaced.

Tiny Home Trailer tire care:

  • Keep tires covered from sunlight whenever you are not moving. Click on picture of wheel covers to order the ones I recommend.
  • Never spray on a “tire preservative.” Using products that contain alcohol, petroleum or silicone may cause your tires to deteriorate and crack.
  • Remove tires or take the weight off when you are staying in one location for more than a few months.
  • If you see a bulge or blister on the sidewall, replace the tire at once. These signal potential weak spots that could lead to tire failure.
  • When buying a new trailer make sure they are “load range E” to support the weight.
  • Replace all tires over two years old even if they look fine.
  • Do not by “retreads” just to save a buck. Buy new light truck tires only.

How to take the weight off your tires:

Unweighting your tires is easy. When you are in the leveling process lower the front of the trailer as far as the tongue jack will allow. Install your leveling jacks on the rear corners. Next, jack up the front of the trailer as far as it will go. Position the front corner leveling jacks and lower the front of the trailer onto the jacks (or blocks). This should have removed a lot of the weight from the tires. They might even be completely off the ground, which would be best. Use a level to fine tune the height of each jack to provide a level, stable base for your home or RV.