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Auxiliary Dwelling Units

Auxiliary Dwelling Units also know as “Granny Pods”, Backyard Cottages,  “In-Law Suites”, even “Failure To Launch Pad” can be built above a garage or placed anywhere in the yard of an existing home that is convenient. It is a great way to add rental income or provide a separate dwelling for and aging parent.

Auxiliary Dwelling Units are a great way to create additional housing because they tap into the properties existing utilities.

Specialty ADU’s

Many companies have designed ADU’s for those with special medical needs.  “Granny Pods” allow elderly parents to live comfortably in a backyard cottage with all the advantages of a nursing home. Safety features can include extra handrails, lighted floor boards, defibrillators, and padded floors to prevent injury from falls. Also known as “Med Cottages” these tiny homes can be prefabricated and designed to fit into your backyard. State-of-the-art technology allows the occupants of the main house to monitor the aging parent in the tiny home while maintaining the privacy and feeling of independence of the parent. -put link to page and comment on this site.

The American Tiny House Association

Shower in Auxiliary Dwelling Units

The American Tiny House Association has a great website showing the regulations from many different towns. More formally called “Accessory

Dwelling Units” are already allowed. Having a THOW (Tiny House On Wheels) might be slightly more challenging. Placing the THOW on a foundation goes a long way in placating the building code officers.

Accessory Dwellings is a good blog for checking out what others have done for ADU’s. The picture shows the shower in Deborah Kelly’s Granny Pod that is Wheelchair accessible. Notice the adjustable height shower head too. This is good if you are sitting or standing. It pops off the bar for hand held use.

The “Failure To Launch” Pad

Just a silly take on the movie, this is what I call Auxiliary Dwelling Units meant for the adult kids who haven’t been able to leave home yet. It is an economical stepping stone to independence without a lot of dept. If they are married with kids it’s a great way to keep the grand-kids close at hand. Just sayin.

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Accessory Dwelling Units are a form of residential infill housing that are poised to revolutionize housing in the United States. Unlike other urban development trends, this one is being driven by homeowners, not professional developers.

Through case studies, expert interviews, firsthand anecdotes, images, and data analysis, Backdoor Revolution reveals the opportunities, challenges, and best practices of ADU development for homeowners, including costs, financing, design, zoning barriers, and regulatory loopholes.

With sections written for policymakers and small housing advocates, Backdoor Revolution offers insightful analysis and a succinct prescription for solutions to municipal and institutional barriers for ADU development.

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