Whimsical or Practical:

//Whimsical or Practical:

Whimsical or Practical:

Whimsical or Practical Tiny Home:

Pinterest has a lot of pictures of cute whimsical Tiny Homes that look like they are right out of a fairy tale. Wouldn’t Whimsical Tree Houseit be great to have a home like that? An outdoor bathroom with hanging garden plants. A tree house built into a cleft in a rock wall. An “earth ship” completely off grid. Sure it would be great…for an hour maybe. But would it be a practical tiny home in the long run.

In reality, you will have to live here for a long time. Even if it’s just meant as a short term measure like a few years, a few years is still a long time.

Incorporate small expressions of whimsy into your practical dwelling.

Like the photo on the right you realize that most of these structures are in places like Bali and are used as hotel accommodations, not long term habitation. However, you could still incorporate small expressions of whimsy into your practical dwelling in the form of an unusual door or window, an accent wall, or even a small reading nook.

Creative headboardThis beautiful headboard is part of a Tiny House that is full of artful wood work. The owner has a knack for art. Do you?

I do not. I would like to but to be perfectly honest, no. But I do know how to follow a plan and I am good at building things.

This Tiny home uses really nice wood, finishes, and accent features but still provides the essentials of life like a bed, food prep area, and bathroom. The builder is an artist with great skills. The outside was a little weird for my taste, however.

The “Tiny Firehouse -Station #9”:

This tiny house was built to help raise money for volunteer firefighters. It has lots of windows and an outdoor tiny firehousebathroom. I toured it at the Tiny House Jamboree in Arlington, Texas, 2017. While it is perfect for what it was built for its not the most practical tiny home. We could clearly see Fin preparing her breakfast and she graciously let us in. The temp was unusually cold and windy that day so the outdoor bathroom was a brisk experience and a shower was out of the question. She was fine with the fishbowl like exposure. I would need a bit more privacy.

Practicality and functionality

In the end your tiny house should be beautiful and functional. It needs be  a balance between whimsical and practical.  An accent wall, a cute door, a unique shower, or clever shelving in the reading area can add an extra level of enjoyment and coziness to your home. A fire pole sounds like fun but might just be a waste of space for most of us.

Your home must have usable, practical features of a regular home. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room with the infrastructure to support your daily life. Add the expressions of art and whimsy after that.

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Kevin is part of the "silver tsunami." He is the founder of Aspen Home Electronics, a low voltage home electronics company in Aspen Colorado. He recently retired and downsized now living in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Tiny Homes and Tiny Living are his passion. Developing the website is a long term goal.

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  1. Jennifer October 11, 2018 at 4:23 pm - Reply

    Love LOVE the color combo on this house!! 🙂 Fin worked really hard to paint those gray slats…three different colors of gray! :O

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