Welcome to Tiny Life Consulting.

Our goal for this site is to help you make an informed decision about “Going Tiny.” We will help you look beyond the glitz presented by the TV shows, beyond the YouTube videos, beyond your dreams, and into the reality of living tiny.

We will help you think truthfully  about your ability to change your life to a “tiny life.” Less space, far less possessions, more dependence on community amenities, home ownership, laws and regulations are things that need to be considered to make an informed decision.

Once you do decide to go tiny what is the best way to proceed? What kind of structure, the real cost, can I build it myself (really), where can I put my tiny house on wheels?

The Tiny Living Dream:

Everyone dreams of being “free.” Freedom means different things to each one. But we all like the sound of not paying high utility bills, a 30 year mortgage, outrageous health insurance premiums, or being stuck in a dead end job forever. I personally would like to retire and be able to have my social security check cover all of my expenses. But, even tiny can’t make that happen.

Learning from the Tiny Life pioneers:

Many have already made the journey thru the process. Together we will learn from them. Downsizing, building, new lifestyle…we will point you to the best resources.

Learning from Luke:

In The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker tells Rey, “This is not going to go the way you think.” How can I possibly connect Star Wars to tiny houses, you ask? Here is the connection: We dream about living in a tiny house. We save pins on Pintrest, watch YouTube videos, maybe even attend  a convention. Eventually we develop a picture in our mind about how it’s going to look. But, in reality, I can guarantee you that “This is not going to go the way you think.”

Here is what I mean: Keep your goal in mind but know that the road to your goal will be filled with unexpected events, changes, and hopefully fun surprises. Do not reject opportunities when they are presented. In one YouTube video, as an example, a man described how he was given an old camper. He took this opportunity and rebuilt it into a tiny home. In another video, a man described how he happened upon an old school bus. He hadn’t planned on joining the “schoolie” clan but he took the opportunity and created a really nice home.