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You would think a tiny house on wheels would not need a foundation.

Your insurance company, mortgage company, and county building codes might think otherwise.

Leveling an RV at a campground site for the weekend is pretty basic. You might think that your tiny house is the same. Just put the leveling jacks on the corners and you’re done. This is fine for short term. However, data shows that tiny homes are actually only moved an average of four times in their lifetime. Consider a tiny house foundation for safety.

foundation tie downs are required

Strong winds can tip over a tiny home.

Because “Tiny Homes On Wheels” occupy a grey area within the building codes you could be forced to comply with RV building codes, home building codes, or both. These requirement will be dictated by your local code enforcement officials, your mortgage company (if you have one), and your insurance company. Mortgage companies usually require your structure to be attached to a foundation and the wheels removed so they know where there investment is. Sometimes they even require the installation of a GPS device for the same reason. It is also a great theft deterrent.

Tiny homes are small enough that the heaving caused by heating, cooling, and moisture content of the ground is usually not a concern. Of greater concern is high winds toppling the structure. This has long been a known issue in mobile home parks. They almost always require tie-downs.


can be as simple as a metal rod twisted into the ground with a cable connected to the trailer frame. The better ones will run a metal strap all the way over the top of the structure. If your home has been constructed with steel framing you only need to connect the tie downs to the frame. If framing with wood you can insert metal strapping inside the walls to create a safe, invisible tie-down strap.

Install leveling jacks and remove the wheels.

Leveling jacks come in many types. This Fulton Side Wind Trailer Jacktrailer leveler  has a 21″ extension and can stay bolted to the trailer while traveling. It swivels 90° when not in use.

Trailer foundation stabilizer

Crank down trailer stabilizer.

For a more permanent foundation cement blocks an be used. Add small pieces of wood between cement block and trailer for finer adjustments.

I strongly recommend covering the wheels from direct sunlight as much as possible to prevent deterioration. Sun damage can happen very quickly making the tires unsafe and prone to blowouts. Relieving the weight off the tires and axles can prolong the life of tires and prevent axle wear.

Tiny House foundation sketch:

Here is a link to a sketch of a type of  Tiny Home foundation sketch  I recommend. See sketch below.

Keep your tiny house from blowing away.

Suggested Tiny House Foundation.