Christmas Wall Tree for Tiny House

Christmas Wall Tree for Tiny House

Christmas Tree On The Wall

We have no room for a Christmas tree in our tiny house so we found a “Wall Tree” on YouTube® to make and thought we’d give it a try. Here is our experience. Progress pictures in the slider to the right.


  • Garland, 9′ from Hobby Lobby, Qua. 6
  • Christmas lights, 3 strings of 100 bulbs, from Walmart®
  • 3M, Command Hooks®, from Walmart®
  • Glue Dots, Flexible Hanging Tabs®
  • One large picture hook.
  • Blue or green painters tape.

How to construct a Christmas tree on the wall in your Tiny Home:

Tiny House Christmas Wall Tree.

Christmas tree on the wall.

  1. Layout the Christmas tree shape on the wall with painters tape. See the picture of the slide show for example.
  2. Nail in the large picture hook at the top of the tree. It will bear most of the weight of the garland.
  3. Attach the first garland to the picture hook. I wrapped the garland with the lights as I went because I thought this would be easier than trying to string the lights on after the garland was hung.
  4. Use the Glue Dots hang tabs to affix the garland to the wall using the tape as a guide. Once you’ve have outlined the tree remove the tape.
  5. Attach the second garland to the first and continue wrapping with the lights. Fill in the center of the tree. Use a 3M Command® hook at the top of each garland to bear the weight. Our tree is 5′ hight and 3′ wide. We used five and a half 9′ lengths. I cut off the extra with a wire cutter. The lights came out just right.
  6. Fluff the garland (takes forever) to look like real branches, then add your favorite decorations. My wife has the artistic skill for that part.

We added a star on the top (also from Walmart®) using a 3M, Command hook®. After cleanup we slid the furniture back into place so the tree is safe from our dog and the baby can’t get to it.

YouTube® videos frequently make things look easier than they are. In our case this was four hours of hard work. The next day many of the GlueDots® had let loose. I replaced them with the 3M clips and it’s holding now.

Note about the Nativity scene:

The nativity scene used as the top photo is something we threw together as a way to use an small, narrow loft that’s relatively accessible. We do not have a space for our table top nativity scene. I ordered the metal manger scene from E-Bay and the trees and lighting came from Walmart.

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