Man-Cave Cozy Outdoor Kitchen

//Man-Cave Cozy Outdoor Kitchen

Man-Cave Cozy Outdoor Kitchen

This man-cave is a completely functional outdoor kitchen.

Using outdoor space will increase your tiny living area.

Built as a lean-to on the side of the wood shed this man-cave boasts a massive six burner propane grill. An inch thick slab of granite covers two of the burners to function as a griddle and frying pan. A vast array of cast iron cookware stands ready for the creation of delicious dinners. Our latest dinner was Elk Fajitas with fried bell peppers and onions. Lettuce for the salad was picked moments before from the adjacent green house.

Mark Tiley exercises his artistic creativity using an oil drip pan for a sink. A water cooler is hidden behind the wall for fresh water. A basic bucket, also hidden, completes the basic plumbing system. Notice the cool hanging light made from an old gas can. He also hand made the table and benches. A hanging chair rounds out the comfortable seating area. A crackling fire in the fireplace is perfect for the chilly mountain evenings in the man-cave..

A wood fire heated hot tub really works.

This wood fire heated hot tub includes a filtering system for the water and a air blower to stoke the fire. It takes several hours to heat the water which is tended during the afternoon while playing horseshoes. By evening its ready to sooth our aching muscles. We’ve packed in up to five adults and kids without spilling the water out.

The wood shed keeps his winter supply of split wood dry.

It also has a loft for an extra sleeping area. Everything is constructed of salvaged material which adds to the rustic charm. The lean-to roof is fairly low but that and the hedge of bushes that form an additional wall give adequate protection from the wind. This man-cave is quite usable all winter long.

We’ve been talking about building a tiny house for the kids.

With our combined talents we should be able to pull it off. Building a tiny house can be very economical. Having it on a property that has all of the basic infrastructure existing save a lot more. Having the grand kids nearby is an added benefit.

Mark is a skilled cabinet maker so I’m sure the tiny house will have awesome cabinets. See more of Marks work by visiting his Facebook page.

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