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Fire Safety for Tiny Homes:

Fire Safety in a tiny home is critically important. If home you will always be very close to the fire.  If a fire starts a tiny home can be engulfed in flames in just seconds. What do you do? Could you get out fast enough? What if you are asleep in the loft? A Tiny home can burn to the ground in just minutes. Do you have a plan and the Tiny Home Range Hood Magnetic Fire Safetymeans to suppress a fire as it starts?


A fire extinguisher should be standard equipment for any home. But, there are a few more important steps you can take to insure your safety.

Fire Suppression Canisters:

These magnetic fire suppression canisters attach to your range hood. They automatically burst open an extinguish a stove top fire in seconds. They are well worth the $42.00/pair. Click on picture to order fro Amazon.com.

Building codes are for your safety.

When designing your tiny home adhere to Appendix-Q building codes, especially for loft access and landing. These building codes are designed with your safety in mind. A firefighter needs to be able to rescue you from the loft area if you are incapacitated. They need to be able to maneuver with all of their gear on and carry you to safety.

Design extra exits into your home.

A skylight that opens in your loft ceiling adds a great deal of safety to your home by providing an additional exit. If your roof does not have a safe way to get down make sure you have an emergency escape ladder nearby. Every two story home should have these.

Fire Safe Building Materials:

Here is a good video showing the burn properties of different kinds of insulation. Note that the popular spray-in foam does not readily burn but does emit a deadly black toxic smoke when exposed to fire.