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How far off-grid can you go?

Compact Single Chamber Outdoor Compost Bin

Living off-grid means to not be connected to any public utilities. This includes sewer, water, and electric. It can also mean no internet or any other services delivered like satellite or cable TV. Off Grid is not for everyone but we all could benefit by doing some of this. Depending on how skilled you are with tools you can decide if this is the way you want to go. Catching rainwater, growing your own food, creating a solar energy array, and composting your waste is a lot of hard work. Each piece of the puzzle requires it’s own micro manufacturing system that requires almost constant maintenance. The rewards can be lower energy bills, healthy food, a low “carbon footprint,” and the satisfaction of having done it yourself.

You personally will need to decide how far into this you want to dive. Many of my friends compost their kitchen and yard waste. They use a composting bin like the one shown here. This is not for me. I tried my hand at gardening several times only to have my broccoli infested with aphids, my tomato plants disseminated by caterpillars, and my lettuce mowed down by bunnies. Buying food ant the grocery store is way easier.

However, my skill set is electronics and electrical. I can build a reliable solar power system without having to learn this trade. So this is one avenue of off-grid living I can pursue.  What are your areas of expertise? What skills would you be willing to learn? Are you able to put in the physical effort needed?

It’s nice to dream about being total self dependent like the folks in the video below but think clearly about your abilities and limitations before jumping in with both feet. Each of us will take our own unique path to our goal of a more sustainable life style.